Maintenance & Overhaul


Enforcement Aviation Services Inc. performs major repairs and inspections including complete maintenance support packages, rebuilds and refurbishments, and new aircraft completions with custom interiors.

Field support and repair services are another specialty for EAS Inc., being anywhere at anytime.

Repair for aluminum and composite structures corresponding with Factory authorized repair procedures can also be performed by our company in your hangar.

Complete flexibility to accomplish the highest quality work and attention to detail with the safety of flight at the lowest cost possible, is our commitment.

We will stand with your crew and operation to help you perform at the highest standard.

Airbus Helicopters

We offer all AS350 10FH/BFF/TA/ALF, 100FH/12 MTH, 600FH/24 MTH, 1200FH/48 MTH inspections, including Major Inspection/144 MTH.

The 12-year inspection and standard parts replacement will reset the inspection cycle of your aircraft.

All Airbus 12 year Inspections performed by EAS Inc. will take advantage of all on-site repairs of composite panels, structures, avionics, components, and full custom paint facilities, with the latest tools and test equipment repair procedures.

MD Helicopters

EAS Inc. is a complete MD Helicopter Maintenance provider for the MD500 Series and MD520/600 NOTAR Series Helicopters, offering all inspections including hourly, and all calendar inspections for the Airframe and Engine.

Our services for the MD 500 include complete tear down and overhaul capability for the airframe.

Robinson Helicopters

EAS Inc. provides Robinson Helicopters R22 Alpha or Beta and R44 Astro or Raven maintenance.

Our cost effective maintenance service provides all 100/Annual inspection, 2200 hourly inspection, 12-year calendar inspection, scheduled inspection, special Inspections and avionics upgrade needed.

Bell Helicopter

206 series Helicopters EAS provides full maintenance and component overhaul for the 206 series aircraft.

Inspections: 100/Annual, 100/300, 1200 12 month component operation, 24 month 600 hour and 1200 hour.  All parts well be factory new or certified serviceable.

Cessna Aircraft

Enforcement Aviation Services Inc provides all your Cessna Caravan 208/208B and Pratt and Whitney PT6 maintenance needs.

Technicians are trained with complete capabilities for scheduled hourly and calendar inspections including

landing gear inspection/repair, lead acid battery service, G1000 Avionics, PT6 borescope inspections, PT6 Hot section & repair service, weight and balance, Annual Service, Pre buy inspections for buyer or seller.

EAS Inc. can transform your Caravan into the ultimate Airborne Surveillance Platform with a complete operator workstation suite; avionics upgrade and camera mount installation.

Standard features such as removable camera and workstation units with inside cable quick disconnect capability will operate the following items;

Multiple surveillance monitors, video recorders, downlink transmitter units, crew monitored Tactical Radio systems, Cockpit panel upgrades for pilot/copilot to crew interface.